Company structure

Company management

Doron Set
Chairman of the Board

In addition to serving on the Board of Dalia Power Energies, Doron is the Chairman of the Mishkei Hakibbutzim – Agricultural Cooperative Society, the Bituach Haklai Central Cooperative Society and the Atudot Pension Fund. He is also member of Kibbutz Yagur. Doron has an MA in Economics.

Eitan Meir
CEO since 2007

Colonel (res.), previously served as the CEO of Jerusalem Municipality, prior to which he held the position of Deputy Director of the Municipality responsible for infrastructure and development in Jerusalem. Eitan has all-around experience in the development and management of a variety of infrastructural projects, as the highlight of his activities in this field is the Jerusalem Light Train – a joint mass transportation project involving both the private and public sectors. Eitan is a graduate of the IDF National Security College and holds an MA in Political Science.

Felix Wasserstein
VP Engineering and Technology since 2007

Lieutenant Colonel (res.), formerly, Chief Engineer of the Jerusalem Light Train project. Felix has extensive experience in complex engineering mega-projects; during his military service he served as Head of the MLRS Administration (Multiple Launch Rocket System) at the IDF Technology and Logistics Branch, as well as Director of a plant processing Merkava tank chips, and Head of the Armored Combat Vehicle Development Section. Felix holds an MA in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration.

Oved Debby
CFO since 2008

Previously served as Head of the Finance and Budget Division of the Airports Authority. In this position, he was involved in the construction and operation of the Terminal 3 project, as well as a large number of other infrastructure projects and their financing. Prior to working with the Airports Authority, he was a transport consultant at the Ministry of Finance Budget Department. Oved holds an MA in Business Administration and Public Administration.

Ownership structure

Energy Sector Ltd. is a private company owned by Mishkei Hakibbutzim – Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd., comprised of 273 kibbutzim and collective moshavim. The Society works to maximize added value and achieve strategic value for both the owners and the entities owned. The Society owns a variety of companies and subsidiary organizations, which provide many different services, among which are import services, financing services (including vehicle, industrial and agricultural equipment), electrical infrastructure services, travel agency services, consulting and management of construction in kibbutzim, hedging transactions and currency exchange services, and more. Energy Sector Ltd. significantly contributes to the relationships developing with the customers and land owners, and creates an opportunity for commercial activity in the kibbutzim which, the Company believes, consume about 500 megawatts a year, and constitute the key element in the energy sector in Israel.
Hiram Epsilon Ltd. is a private company jointly owned by Hiram Landau Ltd., Sigma Epsilon Ltd., Saramaitu Ltd. and Izrael Valley Households – Central Cooperative Agriculture Ltd.  Hiram Landau Ltd. is a holding company that is considered a leader in the fields of infrastructure, development and real estate, as its projects involve recycling of roads using advanced methods, as well as production of asphalt. Sigma Epsilon Ltd. is engaged in consulting and entrepreneurship in the fields of energy and power plants, and specializes in activities related to cogeneration facilities, pumped storage, petrochemical industry and production of ammonia from natural gas. Sigma Epsilon Ltd. is led by professionals in the field of energy, amongst which are: Dr. Eli Barnea, former CEO of Bateman Engineering, Moshe Lasry, former Deputy CEO and Chief Engineer of IEC, Yigal Porat, of blessed memory, former Head of R&D division of IEC, Samir Khoury, a mechanical engineer and businessman, Elias Khoury, CPA, Eyal Lifshitz CPA, Doron Lifshitz att. as well as Einam Gal Ltd.
"Daniel Caesarea Holdings in Dalia" is a limited partnership owned by institutional and private investors with vast experience and significant investments in infrastructure in general and particularly in the energy sector in Israel and abroad. The investors purchased their holdings in Dalia in 2016.
S.E. Int-Energ Group Ltd. is a subsidiary of Sigma Epsilon Ltd., which is represented on the Board of Dalia Power Energies and acts as an active partner involved both in the decision-making process and in the engineering and commercial elements of the project.