Dalia Power Energies sees the power station as integral part of the landscape and the environment in which it was set up. The special design of ‘Dalia’ along with a strong bond with the community in the area, were the key elements in the planning of the station.

We believe in maintaining a balance between development and technological progress and the preservation of the natural environment surrounding the power plant. The Tzafit site was chosen by the National Infrastructure Committee after a thorough examination and screening of four possible alternative sites: Hagit, Mevo Carmel, Tzafit and Gat.

During the screening, leading experts examined a variety of environmental and ecological criteria, such as damage to archaeological sites, natural landscape appearance, noise aspects and concern for nuisance. The examination also included various planning elements, from adjustment in accordance with statutory programs, to proper proximity to infrastructures.

After complying with the strictest of standards, the Tzafit site was chosen as the best location for the new Dalia Power Energies power plant that would bring the revolution in the electricity sector to the Israeli public.

In the beginning the station’s construction was planned in Mevo Carmel, near the mouth of the river Dalia, from which the company gets its name. Later it was decided that Tzafit would be a better location for the power plant, but we decided to keep the original name.

Sustainability and environmental protection are of utmost importance for the company's management, which is directly influenced by these issues. ‘Dalia’ power plant was planned and constructed in this spirit, and it remains loyal to it to this day. Dalia Power Energies invests considerable management and financial resources in order to fit into its natural surroundings, and is careful to preserve and foster the rich flora surrounding the power plant.

Benefits of using natural gas

We believe in positive energy, and are careful to maintain a balance between environmental protection and technological progress occurring in the energy sector. The use of natural gas in the electricity and energy production process, results in a significant reduction of greenhouse gas and other polluting emissions into the air.

Dalia Power Energies is illuminating the path to a new future: currently, the energy and electricity sector is making extensive use of polluting materials such as coal, diesel and fuel oil. In fact, whenever ‘Dalia’ produces electricity using natural gas, it reduces the exposure of the Israeli public to emissions of these pollutants and upholds strict environmental standards. The company falls in line with worldwide sustainability trends and uses natural gas to produce efficient and cleaner energy.

We are proud to set a high standard for the production of efficient, clean and discounted energy for the residents of Israel.

Inquiries on environmental issues can be sent to Ms. Shani Riza: Shani@dpe.com


‘Dalia’ is proud to be a partner in the effort to illuminate the way of developing the electricity sector in Israel. We believe that the values of friendship and mutual responsibility are of essence to a flourishing community life, and adhere to good neighborly relations with the Yoav Regional Council, located close to the power station.

‘Dalia’ is dedicated to acting for the community and residents of Israel, by providing a wide variety of cultural and educational activities that integrate fun, technology and Zionist values.

As part of this vision, the company believes in collaboration with cultural events and festivals, their sponsoring, as well as donating to educational institutions and assisting NGOs. In addition, Dalia Power Energies has joined as an active partner in cultural events held at the Beit Guvrin Festival, which is extremely popular among culture lovers across the country.

Visitor center

We attach great importance to expanding the public's knowledge about energy production and environmental protection. Therefore, during 2016, Dalia Power Energies plans to open a visitor center at the power plant, for the benefit of the general public, students and residents of nearby communities.

The visitor center will include a modern and interactive classroom in order to stimulate creativity and original thinking. By creating an enjoyable and meaningful learning experience, we hope to influence the new generation and explain about the process of electricity production from natural gas, as well as the importance of energy for our society.


‘Dalia’ visitor center is an essential part of our commitment to the community. The content provided in the center is expected to be integrated into the curriculum of students in junior high and high school of the Yoav Regional Council, and place them at the forefront of scientific endeavor and learning in Israel.

Our visitor center will be also open for the hikers in the Haruvit Forest and the site of Tel Tzafit, and will host sports activities carried out in the area.