Dalia Power Energies

‘Dalia’ invites you to light up the future

Dalia Power Energies Ltd. was established in 2005 with the aim of building and operating a private power plant that would provide cheaper electricity than Israel Electric Corporation, while encouraging and developing competition in the electricity sector.

‘Dalia’ power plant was set up at Tzafit in accordance with government policy and the understanding that cooperation between private power producers and promotion of competition in the Israeli electricity sector –are essential. Our power plant is based on combined-cycle technology and operates using a steam turbine and a gas turbine with an overall output of approximately 900 MW, with maximum energy efficiency of 58%.

‘Dalia’ is a major player in the electricity market and accounts for about 7% of the Israeli electricity sector production capacity. The total cost of the power plant located at the Tzafit site amounted to NIS 3.5 billion, and, along with the owners, it was funded by Bank Leumi as the senior debt organizer, as well as six other leading financial institutions in the Israeli economy.

Our team consists of experienced service-oriented professionals, sharing a mutual commitment to promote Dalia’s success.

Our vision

With you, for you

Dalia Power Energies is dedicated to becoming a leading player in Israel's electricity sector, while ensuring the production of clean electricity at maximum efficiency and a competitive price. We place great emphasis on product quality, as well as transparency, reliability, professionalism and uncompromising service to our customers – just because you deserve more!

We believe in balance between development, progress and technology, and the preservation of the natural environment surrounding the power plant at the Tzafit site. We aspire to be the first choice of electricity consumers in Israel, and illuminate your way to a better future.

The future is not a dream, it is a work plan

Our professional staff is currently working on the development and construction of additional power generation units, utilizing the knowledge and experience accumulated in the establishment and operation of ‘Dalia’ power plant. In the future, these units will be available for the benefit of our growing customer base.

Dalia Power Energies management team is planning to expand the amount of generated electricity to 2,000-3,000 megawatts, through the construction of new power plants and additional production units.

Private power production facilitates a considerable reduction in electricity costs in the industrial sector, and contributes to lower energy costs in the residential sector, through the sale of electricity to the national electricity system administrator (IEC).