There is electricity in the air – enjoy it!

Dalia Power Energies, the largest private power plant in Israel, invites you to make more out of your energy.

Since its establishment in 2005, Dalia Power Energies had clearly defined its goals and objectives: to become a significant player in Israel’s energy market, and to encourage competition in the electricity sector by building an efficient, clean, natural gas-powered private power plant.

Dalia Power Energies was set up in accordance with government policy and funded solely by private entrepreneurs and owners, without any government involvement, and with the need to provide the best and most efficient energy solution, alongside a high awareness of environmental values.

In 2015, Dalia Power Energies began its commercial operation, offering business customers to streamline their activity and receive the same electricity for less money.

Company Management and Ownership Structure

Doron Set | Chairman of the Board

Oved Debby | CEO

Shimon Pachima | CFO

Yael Wagner-Toby, Att. | Chief Legal Counsel

Snait Meir | VP Sales and Marketing

Yuval Peleg | VP Engineering and Operation

Felix Wasserstein | VP Engineering and Development