Environment and Community

All of us at ‘Dalia’ are experienced and knowledgeable professionals, with a real commitment to the community and the environment.

The Tzafit site was chosen by the National Infrastructure Committee out of four possible sites: Hagit, Tzafit, Gat and Mevo Carmel, following a thorough examination and research. In the beginning, the Committee decided that the station should be constructed in Mevo Carmel, near the mouth of the river Dalia, from which the company gets its name. Subsequently, the Committee changed its decision and the station was built in Tzafit, which is part of the Yoav Regional Council, but its original name was preserved.

We believe in maintaining a balance between development and technological progress and the preservation of the natural environment surrounding the power station. Already during the planning stage, it was clear to us that ‘Dalia’ must integrate as much as possible into the landscape in which it was to be built. The station was constructed with a unique design combining advanced technologies that contribute to efficient and clean electricity production, while preserving the natural environment, rich vegetation and air quality. We have invested and will continue to invest tremendous resources to preserve the environmental values ​​that we’ve committed to since day one.

The Use of Natural Gas

The use of natural gas significantly reduces greenhouse gas and other polluting emissions into the air in comparison to other fossil fuels. We chose to use advanced energy production technology as part of our strive to lead a clean energy industry in Israel, and we align with the world's leading countries in the field.

‘Dalia’ complies with the most stringent and rigorous standards, and as the amount of clean electricity we produce increases, the amount of electricity produced from coal and other polluting fuels – will decrease, which in turn will result in enhancement of environmental quality. You can also contribute to this enhancement and save money as well.

Dalia in the Community

For us, the use of natural gas in our power plant symbolizes values of Zionism, friendship and mutual responsibility. We are proud to be part of a prosperous community, and we enjoy good neighborly relations with the residents of the Yoav Regional Council, where ‘Dalia’ is located. A major part of our resources is also directed to educational and social issues, and includes sponsorships of cultural events, festivals and a variety of educational activities that combine technology and fun.

We work hard to preserve the Tel Tzafit National Park and maintain various educational institutions in the region through donations, training and raising of energy and environmental awareness.

Educational Energy

As part of our professional and social obligations, we believe in passing on knowledge and imparting it to future generations. For this purpose, we have developed a unique program for energy and environmental studies at ‘Dalia’. The program is delivered in schools at the Yoav Regional Council, by the professional staff of the Council for a Beautiful Israel, and it receives full cooperation from teachers and students.

The students in the program are provided with tools and scientific background in energy related subjects and natural resources, as well as energy production sources, methods and processes, with emphasis on natural gas use, its benefits and significance for climate change and energy efficiency.

In addition to our dedicated program, ‘Dalia’ takes an active part in the "Ta’asiyeda" NGO, which motivates young students to pursuit education in technology studies and exposes them to initiatives in the Israeli industry.

Visitor Center

Our Visitor Center offers a 40-minute educational experience including four activities that combine technology, innovation, environmental interest and fun. The activities at the center are free of charge, as part of our managerial worldview.

‘Dalia’ invites you to embark on a journey beginning in the depth of the sea, where the natural gas is extracted, and ending in your kitchen’s refrigerator, which is connected to the electricity company's transmission network.

The 4 activities include: a short film, a model of the station, an energy production stand and a photography exhibition. Additional activities related to electricity production, and tailored to both curious and mature kids, can be integrated into a visit upon advanced coordination.

The content provided in the center is integrated into the curriculum of students in schools of the Yoav Regional Council, placing them at the forefront of scientific endeavor and learning in Israel.

The tours and are suitable for ages 10-120 and must be scheduled in advance.

For scheduling please call: 08-6834106

We recommend combining the visit to our Visitor Center with another activity at one of the nearby sites: Tel Tzafit, Haruvit Forest, Beit Guvrin and others.