Why Dalia?

Dalia Power Energies invites you to join the future of energy and electricity sector in Israel. We are committed to providing our customers with a new standard of service, higher than previously offered in the national electricity market. Reduced costs, personal attention and full transparency are just some of the added value we offer our customers. It is time to get more and pay less.

Personal service

One of the major advantages of a private power company is the ability to provide its customers with quick and personal attention.

Dalia Power Energies is determined to provide the Israeli consumer with courteous, efficient and professional customer service that will set new and higher standards in the national energy market. As part of our arrangement, Dalia’s customers receive close and personal guidance from our experts, as well as mobility services from the IEC, consultation adapted to the customer profile and a solution to each and every problem.

A private company means preferential and personal attention to every customer.

Get more, pay less

We believe that electricity in Israel should be cheaper. By transferring over to a private power station, our customers receive a significant and long-term discount on the costs of power consumption, without compromising the reliability of supply. Dalia Power Energies manages to produce electricity with high energy efficiency. Therefore, our customers enjoy a significant discount on the production component of the time-of-use tariff (TAOZ).

We want to make life easier for you: by joining ‘Dalia’ you don’t need to change your daily routine or the electricity infrastructure you are using. Our customer service easily takes care of all mobility issues related to transferring your account from IEC to ‘Dalia,’ and provides personal attention and discounted prices, without bureaucracy or tiresome paperwork. Your power supply remains unchanged, only the price drops.

Dalia Power Energies provides you with electricity via transmission lines and distribution systems used by the Israeli public. So what's the big difference? Thanks to our management and business efficiency, and by the virtue of our high energy efficiency, we are able to offer you significantly cheaper electricity.

See? We told you that it would be simple.

We want to know you

‘Dalia’ utilizes innovative forecasting systems that allow us to study and analyze your consumption profile throughout the day and by season. Once we know you and your energy needs, we provide you with a consultation that lowers the costs even more, as well as optimizes the consumption level of your customer account, and provides power solutions precisely tailored to your needs.

Complete transparency

‘Dalia’ boasts advanced billing systems, which allow you to access the company portal at any given moment and view the electricity cost structure, as well as the various components of your customer account. We believe that transparency and simplicity lead to more satisfied customers, who benefit by getting to control and monitor their electricity expenditures.